MAGE: Manila

Maniwala Ka

Season 2 - Episode 7

Having brokered with spirits dwelling in the construction site of Cielo Terraces, Tasyo next enters the Arete Mansion in search of his companions. He connects with the mansion’s spirit, and is told that an obstruction in the Shadow is possibly interfering with the area’s leylines. Tasyo then enters the spirit realm via the mansion’s basement to discover the cause.

From the co-located room, Mumbaki, Cailleach, Pastilan, and Punyal emerge in the depths of Mary Chiles Hospital. At the hospital’s charity ward, Cailleach and Mumbaki find a child terminally ill with leukemia. The Moros quietly ends her suffering while Mumbai watches.

At a restaurant in Binondo, Alunsina meets with Idiyanale. The two discuss La Solidaridad’s early history, and a conspiracy engineered by the Magdiwang, former Seers of the Throne who defected to the Diamond. They’re interrupted by the Proximus assassin Criselda Hao who seeks revenge from her last encounter with Alunsina. Criselda is accompanied by an unknown companion. To protect Sleepers, Idiyanale uses Fate to trigger a fire in restaurant’s kitchen causing everyone but the mages to flee.

In the Shadow, Tasyo finds his way to the leyline obstruction represented by a giant tangle of roots covered with spider-like spirits of greed. Despite initial hostilities, Tasyo commands the spiders to return to their source, a large hatchery at the heart of the construction site. A den mother ambushes him, but after a surprise rescue from Cham, Tasyo breaks loose and a vicious melee erupts. Though it nearly costs the Thyrsus his life, the battle ultimately dissuades the spirits who decide to abandon El Cielo.

Meanwhile, Mumbaki visits the hospital’s chapel dedicated to St. Catherine. He inquires with some devotees who share miraculous wonders attributed to the saint. Mumbaki decides to meditate, and experiences a supernatural visitation by St. Catherine. The saint however is a disturbing figure, thin and tall, with a multitude of limbs.

Mumbaki passes out, but is later revived by Pastilan who shares a similar encounter except the saint cradled a child. The Mastigos has discovered that the saint is possibly a goetia – the collective hopes and fears of patients given form in the Temenos.

Criselda all but confirms the Magdiwang conspiracy, and their promise to help her Awaken in return for her services. Moreover, she reveals her companion to be one of the resurrected Ibaloi mummies returned through a yet unknown process involving grafting on the tongues of murdered Awakened. The mummy lashes out with ancient Prime magic, while Criselda equips spectacles that allow her to use a limited version of Mage Sight. Nevertheless, Alunsina traps them with a well-timed Space spell. Satisfied with the knowledge she has gleaned, and the threat she has discovered, she walks away from the restaurant’s inferno. Idiyanale too vanishes.

The group decides to converge at Mary Chiles, and figure out their next move. Elsewhere, a Space portal yawns open, dropping Criselda and the mummy to an undisclosed warehouse where she speaks to her mysterious patron. In the background, several ritualistic operations take place, with tongues being transplanted to the rest of stolen mummies.


Vaevictus Vaevictus

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