MAGE: Manila


Season 2 - Episode 3

Tasyo dreams parts of his past. During a protest rally, he is separated from a female companion, and is cornered by several riot police. While being assaulted, he catches a glimpse of her once more in the distance along with animal effigies going up in flames.

In Divino’s, the Russian female companion of Alexei discusses the poisoning attempt with Alunsina, Mumbaki, and Idiyanale. Their conversation reveals that the woman is somehow indeed Alexei as well, and the mages begin to wonder who or what she is. The female Alexei asks Idiyanale to send Tasyo and Cailleach to search for the man who had poisoned her male body. A CCTV feed shows his image. Cham uses Temporal Sympathy to impede and the mark’s escape.

Cailleach and Tasyo set out, interacting with Malware’s colorful locals. Cailleach strikes a deal with several street kids for information, while Tasyo visits a brothel. In the process, Cailleach’s shotgun necklace is stolen, and a spell meant to ensorcel the brothel’s bouncer backfires on Tasyo. Both mages however acquire information about their mark.

Pastilan arrives in Malate as well, and with the help of Cham’s Fate magic, he swiftly identifies the mark who is drunk. Pastilan’s attempts to ingratiate himself with the man only turns for the worst, and a brief scuffle occurs. When the mark storms off, Pastilan uses a Space spell to confuse and lead him back to Divino’s. Before he can pursue any further however, the Mastigos receives a message from historian Professor Dimagiba to come quickly to the National Museum.

Back in Divino’s Alexei and Mumbaki have a moment of intimate discussion. He/she warns him about speaking with angels; that thre might be deeper machinations to them. Mumbaki’s obsession to scry Alexei’s room, reinforces a growing reliance on magic.

The mark arrives at the nightclub once more, and is befriended by Alunsina. Cham uses Fate to help her thoroughly sift through the mark’s recent memories. It is revealed that his attempt on Alexei was an implanted mission given by a mysterious woman. But before Alunsina can pry further, the man goes into shock and dies on the club floor. Idiyanale asks her to seek assistance from Mandragora, the Moriones’ poisons expert.

In the National Museum, Professor Dimagiba takes Pastilan to the museum basement, which has been ransacked. The museum had just only acquired several Ibaloi mummies from the Mountain Province only to have them stolen. Of note, explains Dimagiba, are the mummies’ missing tongues. Reviewing the past, Pastilan sees a woman leading the burglars – the same woman Alunsina saw with the mark.


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