MAGE: Manila

Open House

Season 2 - Episode 5

The Mulat convene in Quiapo Church to discuss the events that have transpired – a supernatural encounter with an Ibaloi mummy, and an ambush in Dangwa. Curiously missing is Cailleach. Rather than report to Idiyanale just yet, the mages decide to assist Tasyo in a mission for the Sangguniang Malaya.


El Cielo Residences, a real estate developer, is constructing its newest highrise along Welcome Rotunda. In truth, the property sits on top of a network of ley lines. The Sanggunian is concerned that the building’s completion would seriously affect the flow of magical energy, denying its ‘public’ use. Moreover, the Free Council believes that Obra Maestra, a cabal of Ilustrados, also has interests in the property as well.

Tasyo, Mumbaki, Cham, Pastilan, and Alunsina arrive to discover a protest against El Cielo by local residents and civic defenders. Obstructing the completion is an ancestral house, which the locals wish to preserve, and the developers seek to demolish.

Already strange things are taking place: Erratic power failures occur caused by agitated spirits. One even causes an accident that gravely injures several construction workers. While spying, Alunsina discovers that the complex, once completed, will form a sigil. Cham and Mumbaki are pulled into the ancestral home by the strings of Fate. Pastilan accidentally discovers a hidden basement where a mysterious engine lies partly-submerged in the ground.


Vaevictus Vaevictus

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