MAGE: Manila

Trial at the Camara

Season 2 - Episode 1

With Kaluskos banished back to the Primal Wild, and Tseng’s separated body and soul in the custody of the Moriones, willworkers Alunsina, Cailleach, Cham, Pastilan, Mumbaki, and Tasyo are eager to return to their separate lives. However, Santelmo, a Provost to Manila’s ruling mage council is appalled to discover the rampant use of Paradox-tainted magic on board the MaƱalac (which the mages used to defeat Kaluskos, a Supernal Being).

The Camara summons the mages to an inquiry three days after the incident. When they finally convene at the Luneta Hotel, the PCs meet several Camara personalities: Acanthus Councilor Idiyanale, Mastigos Councilor Demimonde, and Thyrsus Councilor Tigbalang. Santelmo accuses the mages of being Scelesti while the greatest suspicion falls on Mumbaki, who holds no allegiance to any of the orders of sorcery.

Idiyanale speaks with the willworkers in private, and suggests a compromise: Alunsina and company will be put on probationary status, and in return, will offer its services to the Camara. By deputizing a ‘neutral’ cabal, Idiyanale hopes to bypass the clout and tangled network of favors the Camara owes to the Pearl’s more established mage groups.

Idiyanale then hints that several Camara bureaucrats have ties with the Porcelain Hands, a Proximi Dynasty that controls the gray market of arcane goods in Manila’s Chinatown. Moreover, Aloysius Tseng has strong filial ties to the Porcerlain Hands, which maybe why elements in the council are looking to indict the willworkers.

Now, the mages’ destinies draw even closer to collision. Will they learn to work together, or will their personal obsessions and varied loyalties lead to violence and tragedy?


Vaevictus Vaevictus

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