MAGE: Manila

Waking the Dead

Season 2 - Episode 2

Orfeo, Alunsina, and Mumbaki meet with Idiyanale at the lobby of the Luneta Hotel. The Acanthus Councilor requires the group’s assistance in two related matters: First, that Alunsina and Mumbaki accompany her to an evening party at Divino’s, a nightclub in Malate; and second, that Cailleach and Tasyo meet with the Camara’s Sentinel, Punyal at the abandoned Paco Train Station.

Tasyo and Cailleach explore the partially-demolished Paco Station before finally finding Punyal. The gruff Sentinel shares the history of the station, especially during the Second World War when it served as the first line of defense of the Japanese Imperial Army against invading US soldiers. More importantly, Adamantine Arrows fought in both sides of the war, and faint traces of their battle still emanate in the station mainly in the form of High Speech hidden among the graffiti.

Punyal asks Tasyo and Cailleach to stand watch as he prepares a ritual to call on the lingering ghosts of war victims. As souls begin to manifest, a spectral train arrives to bring them to the afterlife. The ritual is interrupted however by the Lieutenant – the vicious ghost of a Japanese officer – and several spectral minions. A fight ensues, forcing Cailleach and Tasyo to employ Death magic to fend off the hostile undead. Triumphant, they watch as Punyal completes the ritual and the victims’ ghosts depart.

At the same time, Mumbaki and Alunsina accompany Idiyanale to the glam rock-themed anniversary party of Divino’s. At the party, the trio meet with Alexei, the nightclub’s Russian empresario. Idiyanale and Alexei discuss business and especially the exorcism of Paco Station. It dawns on Alunsina and Mumbaki that Alexei is a middleman – a broker of sorts who trades one dubious favor for another.

Unexpectedly, Cham has also entered the nightclub under the guise of a bartender, and provokes a fight between two patrons. A scuffle breaks out among multiple parties, and Alexei is forced to kick out the transgressors. Shortly after, the club owner is poisoned, but saved by Mumbaki. Though he is carried off, Alexei’s female companion turns to Idiyanale, Alunsina, and Mumbaki with a smile.

“Now, where were we?” she asks as if continuing where Alexei had left off with business. Her eyes flash red for a moment.


Vaevictus Vaevictus

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