Aloysius Tseng

Feng Shui Master


Aloysius Tseng was a feng shui consultant to various businessmen, and used his connections to further his own designs. His chief desire was to summon the ancient Zambal god, Kaluskos, into the Fallen World. He was an adept Thyrsus who used both Fate and Spirit magic alongside an assortment of Taoist charms and enchanted items. Eventually he was defeated by an ad hoc group of mages including several willworkers from the Faceless Legion. As punishment, the order separated his soul and body, the locations of which remain unclear.

Tseng’s background remains a mystery although rumors abound of his ties with the Porcelain Hands. What is known is that he became known among certain social circles as a feng shui advisor specializing in good fortune. One of his clients was the fishing magnate Tito Orquieta, founder of the food processing company Harvest of the Sea. At some point, Tseng tapped Orquieta’s resources to fund his search for ancient relics attributed to Kaluskos, a forgotten Zambal god of prosperity and fertility. The relics were golden idols that caused those around it to transform into merfolk.

Kaluskos Arc
Alunsina first encountered Tseng during an infiltration mission of Orquieta’s food plant. Later on, on the orders of the Faceless Legion, Pastilan would enter and vandalize Tseng’s sanctum. As the two Mastigoi found common cause with mages Cham, Mumbaki, Tasyo, and later on Cailleach, each would have their own confrontations with Tseng. Eventually, Cham and Alunsina would inadvertently cause the death of Orquieta during a confrontation with the angry residents of Barangay San Roque, which was used as an experimental ground by Tseng for creating merfolk.

Ultimately the mages discovered that Tseng wished to summon Kaluskos in order to usher in a new era of prosperity for Manila. That said, it would entail the deaths of dozens of the city’s political and social elite not to mention general harm and havoc. Kaluskos itself was later revealed to be a banished Atavism from the Primal Wild that had the power to spawn cthonic monstrosities.

In a last ditch effort to stop Tseng, the mages boarded the leisure ship MaƱalac where Tseng intended to sacrifice high profile guests to Kaluskos. It turned out that the ship was the literal vessel for summoning rite, and slowly transformed into a flesh and blood manifestation of the god. The mages then realized that in the Fallen World, Kaluskos was vulnerable to Abyssal magic, and intentionally caused Paradox to successfully drive it back to the Primal Wild.

Deprived of Kaluskos’ power, and with his merfolk army tamed by Tasyo, Tseng was fair game for Alunsina and Cham. The mages deprived him of his access to magic, and just before the Faceless Legion arrived, Cailleach trapped Tseng’s essence in a soul jar.

Tseng could be charming if needed, and used his charisma and expertise in feng shui to ingratiate himself with a variety of businessmen and socialites. Wary of getting personally involved, he often delegated tasks to his personal army of goons and merfolk, or to his personal assistant, Honey Mei. Tseng had an obsession with redeeming Manila, and saw his so-called patrons as social parasites. His cruel methods however put him at odds with the Moriones who deemed him as a serious threat.


Aloysius Tseng

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