Patient Benefactor


Path: Acanthus
Order: La Solidaridad
Pintakasi of the Camara


In many ways, Maestra Idiyanale’s career represents an ideal for many Thearchs. Once one of the youngest and gifted Factotums within La Solidaridad, she garnered praises from her superiors and was a natural replacement when her master retired as Provost for the Camara. She then worked under various Councilors, and has only risen two years ago to assume the Pintakasi mantle for the Acanthus.

Idiyanale deftly navigates the Pearl’s murky political waters, and is often the first to promote a middle ground to her more combative colleagues in the Council. Her aim however is not merely to appease bureaucrats or interest groups. The Path of Thistle reveals a grander perspective of the political game, and she nudges Fate along to help her realize her goals.


MAGE: Manila Vaevictus Vaevictus