Wandering Fool


Path: Acanthus
Order: Moriones


Orfeo is a middleman functionary for the Moriones, Manila’s local chapter of the Guardians of the Veil. With the so-called Faceless Legion stretched thin, he coordinates various efforts from an Order safe house in Sta. Ana, Manila. And while it often appears that Orfeo doesn’t take himself or younger willworkers seriously, and prefers to delegate crucial tasks, beneath the veneer of ineptitude is genuine concern. The Fool knows when Fate eyes an individual for greatness even if the person cannot.

Kaluskos Arc
Alunsina and Pastilan regularly reported to Orfeo as they tracked down Aloysius Tseng. The older Acanthus however served more of an advisory role or task master for the younger Mastigoi, and occasionally deployed Mandragora to assist them. He was (seemingly) wary at first when the two formed an alliance of sorts with Mumbaki, Cham, and Cham. His connection with the time-lost Cailleach is still unclear, however the two seem to have an agreement of sorts to let the American Moros serve within the local Order.

Current Arc
Immediately after Aloysius Tseng was defeated and Kaluskos banished back to the Primal Wild, Orfeo accompanied the Camara Sugo, Santelmo onboard the MaƱalac. Later on, he defended the actions of his Mastigoi colleagues and their new Mulat allies in front of a hastily-formed Camara tribunal.

Orfeo has a fondness for Alunsina and Pastilan, but is somewhat hesitant of Cham and Tasyo as the Faceless Legion is at odds with their respective Orders. Mumbaki poses a conundrum: An individual of great potential or danger. What Fate has in store for the apostate, Orfeo doesn’t or will not tell. He is intimidated (at least he looks to be) by Santelmo.


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