Herbalist and Apothecary


Path: Thyrsus
Order: Moriones


Mandragora Awakened to a jungle-swallowed temple deep in the green heart of the Primal Wild. Her fascinations often revolve around the acquisition and study of both flora used in Sleeper magical traditions, and the exotic plant life of the Supernal Realms. The Moriones rely on Mandragora for their clandestine efforts: Poisons, narcotics, and even perfumes, as well as antidotes and curative balms. Beyond the Faceless Legion, she might work alongside mages with interests in the Primal Wild.

Kaluskos Arc
Mandragora aided in the recovery of Alunsina after she was injured during her exploration of a subterranean temple underneath San Roque. Pastilan likewise assisted the Thyrsus when they investigated several unusual carcasses found in Manila Bay. Mandragora then accelerated their decomposition to prevent Sleeper discovery.


MAGE: Manila Vaevictus Vaevictus