Hedonist Sage


Path: Thyrsus
Order: Tanghalang Hiwaga
Pintakasi of the Camara


Tigbalang is the unpredictable and hedonistic Pintakasi of the Singing Stone. A dark horse candidate from the very beginning, he was thrust into the council spotlight by his Mysterium handlers. Though they expected a useful pawn, the willful Shaman has been anything but. Driven on the Path of Ecstasy, Tigbalang feels his way through Manila’s animal kingdom, gorging himself on vices and arcane secrets.

Thankfully, his impulsive nature is often lost to Manila’s nightlife or the vanishing wilds of the city. His however is a modern jungle, and while not aspiring to be its apex predator, still, it pays to be a formidable beast. In moments of clarity, Tigbalang can spout some profound insights.


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