MAGE: Manila


Season 2 - Episode 8

Despite their best intentions, Pastilan, Cham, and Tasyo are forced to confront Catalina, the so-called Saint of the Abandoned. Moreover, witnessing her through the lens of Pandemonium identifies the saint as a Goetia – a living embodiment of people’s hopes and fears. The saint accuses the mages of endagering her ‘children’, various infants whose bodies have been inscribed with sigils, and preserved in the secret room.

While Mumbaki is lost to his personal horrors, Alunsina attempts to recover from a shocking betrayal: Punyal, the Camara’s very own Sentinel, has attacked her. When Alunsina slips through his fingers, Punyal turns to face a furious Cailleach. The two Moroi clash but Punyal eventually traps Cailleach in a hidden basement. She attempts to set fire to the area, but is injured by her own spell. The basement goes up in flames.

Lucidly dreaming, Mumbaki is visited by his dying grandfather. After struggling in futility to save him, Mumbaki ends his grandfather’s life. Tribal ancestors arrive to pay their respects before vanishing into a cave. Mumbaki follows them, but instead returns to the present. After a concerted effort by the group, Alunsina is able to banish Santa Catalina.

They next come to the rescue of Cailleach and confront Punyal. Just as Alunsina begins forming an offensive spell, her imago falters as if someone were intruding on her mind. From behind Punyal, an uknown mage steps forward. When the smoke clears, Pastilan recognize him as the murdered Ilustrado from the co-located room.


Vaevictus Vaevictus

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